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Irrigation Services

Category: Uncategorised Published: Monday, 10 November 2014 Written by Brandon


***Any special discounts will be reflected in cart.***

Green Touch Irrigation proudly serves Columbus, Ohio. Green Touch Irrigation is a family-owned & operated business bringing you the best irrigation service backed with a 5-star service guarantee. You can purchase our irrigation services a la cart or purchase a money saving package. Prices below are for residential systems only. Systems with more than 20 zones must call 614-245-0594 for a custom quote. 

The Green Touch Deluxe: $220 : One call does it all. Includes spring start-up (18 point inspection), fall winterization (22 point inspection), annual backflow inspection and a freeze damage guarantee. 

The Green Touch Standard: $150 : Includes spring start-up (18 point inspection) and fall winterization (22 point inspection).

Backflow Certification: $65 Annual inspection required by law.

Fall Winterization: $80 We will prepare your system for the winter using our 22 pt. inspection. We evacuate all water out of irrigation piping & sprinklers using compressed air. We will note any repairs needed for the following spring. A freeze damage guarantee will be provided for a nominal charge, unless included in purchased package.

Aerate, Overseed and Fertilize: $150 Fall is the best time of year to enhance your lawn with your deep core Aeration and Overseeding. Each Aeration and Overseeding comes with an application of our Starter Fertilizer with Root Enhancer technology. Click here for more information!

Spring Startup: $75 Our certified technicians will turn on your sprinkler system using our 18 pt. inspection. This includes checking all sprinklers for proper coverage, adjustments, & leaks. Our friendly staff will check for leaks on all irrigation piping including backflow. We will test the accuracy of your rain sensor & set your controller for proper watering. We will evaluate system piping & sprinkler layout, & note any recommended changes to the system (i.e. changing landscape).

Service Call: $50  A service call is $50 and includes the first 30 minutes on site. Labor after the first 30 minutes is billed in 15 minute increments. Any and all parts used are a separate cost and are billed accordingly. 

New!  Irrigation Audit: $85/hr Irrigation audits are an effective way to identify shortcomings to the irrigation system. Our irrigation auditor will observe system operations, locate irrigation zones, check pressure and flow rates, conduct a water application efficiency test, and identify equipment that is worn, broken or misaligned. We also gather on-site data including soil type and seasonal weather data. We can prepare a point-by-point checklist of items that need to be corrected or improved to insure maximum efficiency. These problems can include: Mismatched precipitation rates, Improper irrigation coverage, Excessive water usage, Improper zoning by mixing rotors and sprays, Unhealthy landscapes and eroding hardscapes. Once identified, problems can usually be solved with modifications to the irrigation design or operation. Most customers see a decrease of their water bills by 33% through the course of one growing season, after having a Green Touch Irrigation water audit.

Freeze Damage Guarantee: $49 Tired of costly backflow repairs or replacements. GTI Freeze Damage Guarantee warranties all parts and labor including broken pipes and backflows.
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